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Don't lose using Negative Balance Protection

SRFx Trades’s primary concern is to boost the trading experience by offering negative balance protection for all of our clients. Our risk management program ensures the customer can’t lose more than he originally invested. When the balance is negative due to Stop Out, SRFx Trades will pay and change the account balance to zero.


Is it possible to lose more than I deposited? What if account's balance becomes negative?

SRFx Trades

SRFx Trades offers negative balance protection, so whenever your balance becomes negative we automatically adjust it to zero.


Debt prevention


No losses beyond initial deposit


Resets back to zero Automatically

SRFx Trades assures that the risk is limited to the funds you deposited into your account. Please remember that no debt payments from the Client are included in the negative balance protection. Therefore our customers are assured and secured from losses beyond the initial deposit they have made.

There could be a situation when account balance comes to negative when unexpected fluctuations in the market have a dramatic effect on asset value. In this case, clients might lose their equity due to high volatility and price gaps. Therefore, SRFx Trades adjusts the account to zero.

Here are some preventive steps you can use to protect your account from hitting negative balance


Set your Stop Loss


Use leverage responsibly


Take care of your trading volumes