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Partner Program

SRFx Trades offers you a great chance to work with the forex market experts. With our partner program you get a great opportunity of receiving a reward for each transaction made by signed up clients.

Introducing Broker

Our Introducing Brokers (IB) program offers individuals as well as organisations anywhere in the world to get compensation by introducing new clients to us.

Regional Manager

Through the Regional Manager program you get an opportunity where in your own region you can represent the company and can also manage your local office there.

Affiliate Forex CPS

You get the highest partner remuneration in the CPS plan if all requirements are met — $50 for each client (referral), as well as 10 % from your sub partner's income.

Make money regardless of your clients returns or how long or how much they trade.

SRFx Trades Advantages


One-of-a-kind partner rewards


Reward is credited regardless of the volume of transactions


Instant withdrawals


There is no limit on how much reward you can earn


Certain types Partnership Award


Detailed statistics

What Is the Link to the agent?

Once you have registered your trading account, you will obtain a referral link as an exclusive agent in your Personal Area.

How does the SRFx Trades partner program work?

You are required to distribute your agent’s link as traders generally follow the link and according to that they open accounts in SRFx Trades. You sign up for the transactions conducted by clients receiving the award.

Partner awards are calculated?

On the basis of the type and related financial instrument, we estimate the participant's sign-up rewards for the customer's account.

How SRFx Trades partner programs work


Across the Internet, spread your partner link to websites.


Traders open fresh trading accounts with SRFx Trades by following your link.


For every transaction performed by your signed up clients, you receive a reward.

What's a partner link?

After you registered your trading account, you will obtain a specific partner link in your Personal Area.

1. As a percentage of the spread on the transaction.

On each transaction made by signed up clients, a partner could receive more than 20% of the average spread id a classic account is opened using the partner’s link. In this case the reward amount is calculated by using the following formula:

Reward size = Commission size x Average spread in points x Cost of a point

The size of the commission is decided individually, depending on the partner agreement conditions. Average spread = (Spread on position opening + Spread on position closing) / 2
If one of the spread values (opening spread or closing spread) differs from the other by more than 30%, then the average spread is calculated using the following formula:

Average spread = (Lesser spread + Lesser spread x 1.3) / 2

2. Reward for trading volume on Classic accounts

Reward depends on the account's level of partnership and also the trade volume if the classic account is registered with a partner's link
In this case, the amount of the reward is calculated using the following formula:

Reward size = Trading volume in USD x Commission size in USD / 1000000

3. Reward for CFD trading

The partner reward amount is fixed at 20% of contract commission for partner at all levels if in case the signed up client trades futures CFDs on mini or classic accounts.
In this case, the amount of the reward is calculated using the following formula:

Reward size = Commission size x Lot x Contract commission